Moving Your Products
Across All Borders

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Moving Your Products
Across All Borders.

We give complete A to Z solution starting from product sourcing shipping delivery
at your doorstep. & We specialize in all kinds of export import items from different countries.

Air Freight

Fast, secure air freight solutions, handled with care……

Sea Freight

Cost-efficient sea freight forwarding from trusted shipping experts……

Ground Freight

Get on the road to increased efficiency with our agile team.……


Bespoke solutions for your unique and complex projects……

Oil & Gas

We provide solutions to customers in the oil and gas, alternative energy, chemical...

Custom & Clearance

Enjoy a smooth journey through the formalities...

Import And Consolidation

Let’s get your goods to your customers quicker and cheaper


Pharmaceutical companies around the world rely on...

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Our Achievements.

Connecting domestic companies to the international shipping services most suited for your business.

Air Freight
Sea Freight
Road Freight
Oil & Gas
Customs Clearance

Oil and Gas

oil and gas

By establishing a dedicated oil and energy department, with our close ties with regional subcontractors in the sector and taking advantage of our already existing and extensive transport network in the region, we have positioned ourselves strategically to provide world class oil field and related services to our clients. Previous work with Tullow, Weatherford, Siwa Petroleum, CASCO Petroleum, TESLA, Noremco has given us the required edge in hauling any gauge of cargo.

Energy and Mining


Pacific Lines is a key player in the mining industry providing stand-alone and integrated services to the mining and resources sector across inbound, onsite services and outbound segments of the mining logistics chain. Our experience has enabled us provide highly specialized logistics services that support mining and resource exploration and production in remote areas.

Aid and Relief


Aid & Relief is a sector that sees its number of emergency operations and long-term programs growing because of economic slow down in some areas and a higher frequecy of natural disasters. Interantional organizations, non-governmental and funding partners share a common goal: make the best use of donors' money. NGOs shiping to aid beneficiaries' food, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure as well as means of eductaion often operate in sensitive and landlocked countries. One of their main challenges is to synchronize supplies from multiple vendors related to medium term head programs.